(an autobiography)
by Tyree Harris

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01 The World Was Yours

02 I Excel

03 I'm Famous

04 I Rap For

05 Portland State Of Mind

06 Memory Lane (Heart's Desire)

07 Otherside of the Moon

08 One Love

09 Tyree Harris

10 On the Road



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Head High - production by Justin Kramer

Lolom Enlvers production by Stewart Villain

I Excel (Live Human Nature Remix) - production by Justin Kramer & Greg Gant


REALmatic is dedicated to and inspired by Nas' first album, Illmatic. It is an autobiography of my relationship to music, journalism, education and self. While firmly rooted in the ethos that made Illmatic, it stands a bridge between the hip hop that inspired me to today's soundscape.

- Tyree Harris

Vocals: Tyree Harris
Production: Justin Kramer (Juicebox Jackson), Greg Gant, Stewart Villain, Otto, MIG.
Recording & Mixing: Greg Gant w/ Assistance of Tyree Harris
Tyree Harris - Special Thanks: Zachary Taylor, a house full of dysfunctional roommates that changed my life, Parkrose High School, Melech, Casey Parks, Antione Simmons, Misha Waller, Reggie Johnson, Jordan Heath, James Dos Santos, the Oregon Daily Emerald, the Bronco Blaze, Nerissa Ediza, Maria Fuhrmann, AVG and everyone else who guided me through trying and rewarding times in life, demanding me to remain both proud and humble. This album is as much yours as it is mine.
Greg Gant - Special Thanks: Zachary Taylor, David Remington, every soul musician stole sampled, the 2008 recession, unemployment benefits, re-employment and insomnia.
Site Design: Greg Gant